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Where’s Waldo? No, really, where is he?

I wonder what ever happened to him?

Remember the days when it seemed everyone on earth was looking for just one guy wearing a red and white striped shirt and a snow hat? I myself recall afternoons spent in bookstores visually foraging through crowds of characters on each page for a guy I never even met before named Waldo. This guy really led an adventurous life. One day he is in the arctic, the next at a carnival, at the zoo, at the mall, he really was a people person who craved the social life yet somehow remained elusive and hidden off in a corner somewhere. He knew just where to go, he knew where the action was, he was good at blending in with the masses but where is he now? He has seemed to vanish like ‘Magic Eye’ postcards, and lately I have had the urge to find him. I want to tell him his glasses finally came back in style!

All kidding aside, it turns out Waldo is definitely still around. He’s on Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, Bebo, he even went through the whole MySpace phase as so many of us did. His British creator Martin Handford first introduced us to Waldo in 1987 and asked us to follow him on his “world-wide hike.” “Waldo-mania” soared into pop culture in the 90’s and today, if you still want to keep an eye on this “distinctly dressed” Waldo chap, there IS an app for that. And a Wii, Nintendo DS and computer game coming September 22nd. Heck, there is even a Waldo flash mob!

Sorry for thinking you disappeared old buddy, turns out were always around, I just stopped looking. Good to have you back, Waldo, can’t wait to sharpen my visual detection skills once again and see your adventures in Hollywood. Send us a postcard, maybe even a “Magic Eye” one. Hee hee.

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