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Celebrating 20,000 views!

Yippee! Hooray! All Thanks to YOU!

WOW! I can not believe it! 20,000! I am so excited! It was just a short time ago that I was celebrating this blog achieving 10,000 views. I am so grateful to all of my readers and to the people who have inspired and encouraged me to reach for higher heights. I never would have thought I would be guest blogging on Scientific American (or on Scientopia), it is like a dream of mine is coming true. I have gotten the chance to interact with some amazing people who happen to be science writers. I am so thankful to them for taking a chance on a rookie. Just three months ago, I did not know where my writing would take me. While I still don’t know where it will take me, I now know where I want to go.

Like a birthday wish when you are blowing out the candles, I want to keep my final wish a secret for fear if I utter it out loud it will never come true. But I can visualize it in my mind and will continue to work hard, keep the faith and carry on.

Mark Twain once said, “Really great people make you feel like you, too, can become great.” With that, I would just like to thank all of  the people who have helped me aim for the moon and hit the stars. I was going to list the names here but I think you all know who you are.

To my readers, YOU are the reason for this party! I hope I have helped you in some small way. I will continue to present topics in a clear, easy to read manner, answer topic requests and raise awareness about eye conditions and illnesses that may not be getting the attention they deserve. Feel free to contact me!

Sincere Thanks and let’s keep the celebrations coming! Woo hoo!

Cheryl G. Murphy, O.D.

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