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This could be the Start of something Good!

Me and the 20/20 mag crew, photo taken by James Spina, EIC.

I officially served as Guest Editor in Chief at the 20/20 magazine offices today! Had a great time seeing everyone again and spending the day together. I even got to help with some editing for the April issue which was cool for me since I usually only self-edit or look over what other editors changed in my own articles. It was an awesome experience! And it doesn’t end here, I have 4 more days to hang with the 20/20 mag staff at Vision Expo. I will also be writing 3 more articles for 20/20 ‘s May, June and August issues! Yay!

Over the next four days I am taking continuing education classes at Expo on everything from Botox to Glaucoma to Diabetes to Contact Lenses. Not to mention I will be interviewing Lisa Loeb! Exciting days ahead! I am definitely tweeting a ton, I will try to blog as much as possible on here too. Off I go, wish me luck!

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