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What a Time to be Thankful!


Turkeys could "pass" the eye exam with flying colors.

Wow! Well, it has been a while since I have been back on my own blog writing so I thought I would stop by! I have been lucky enough to continue doing some guest blogging for Scientific American’s blog network and also for Review of Optometric Business. I do miss my own home base sometimes though and I actually was originally going to post my latest post on Sci Am on here but was so happy when they approved the idea to host it over there. My latest post was on Tom Turkey’s Terrific Vision.

Turkeys can see very well, much better, in fact, than you or I. They actually have the ‘most complex retina of any vertebrae’ and can even see an extended part of the color spectrum including UVA light. I am sort of jealous of this super hero-like power they have. Plus, the whole flying thing. They got that over on us as well! Perhaps they should don a cape instead of that beautiful fan of feathers.

Turkeys are extraordinary, I think I agree with Ben Franklin, they are courageous, they are powerful, forget the bald eagle, maybe we really should have had the turkey as the mascot for America.

Amazing Creatures symbolic not of our nation but of our Day of Thanks

Anyway, I am thankful for the opportunities in science writing I have had and the people I’ve been meeting but around the holidays, it is always good to ‘come home again’ here to my blog, the place where it all started. Thank you for following me! I am sorry if I haven’t gotten a chance to respond to your questions and topic requests yet. I promise I will soon!

Thank you for your patience and support! The Readers make the writer.

Happy Thanksgiving to All! =)

Dr. Cheryl G. Murphy


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