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One Writer’s Drive and Determination

On the Open Road...

Out On the Open Road...

As my eyes peer into the rearview mirror, I can not believe how far I have traveled. It was a year ago this month that I made the decision to drive off the beaten path of my blog and see what else is out there. I submitted an article to Scientific American, my article on Chocolate, not Carrots, with a wish and a dream that perhaps they would publish it and it would reach a wider audience. Well, it didn’t get published in print but they did say that it was perfect for their guest blog online. I soon found myself slowly stepping on the accelerator towards my dream of professional writing with a friendly editor at my side in the passenger seat, his foot hovering over his instructor brake. I began listening, learning and sharpening my skills. I felt more and more confident behind the wheel and started to enjoy the scenery that whirled passed my window.

Sometimes the best part of the journey is the people you meet. As I branched out to other publications, I met more and more of the scientific community and the publishing industry. They showed me different roads. I heard all about the trips they have taken, their own goals with writing and spoke with some of the bigshots who were involved with pioneering the trails and maps we are all so desperate to decipher and navigate.

The editors soon let me know it was their stop ahead. And with a polite wave and a nod I left them behind the white line on the side of the highway. Sure, they said they would be back to check in and they would certainly sit shotgun again sometime but the instructor brake vanished before my very eyes.  I have to admit, at times I have missed having a traveling companion and have occasionally found myself staring at the empty seat.

Sometimes in life, you don’t know where the trip will take you. You just set out driving in one direction and hug the double yellow lines, feeling deep down that somehow someway, you’ll get there. To that destination that only seems like a mirage. Inch by inch as the pavement sails beneath you, you are getting there.

Trust in the journey. Trust in yourself. Keep your foot firmly on the accelerator but know when to brake and let someone in for the ride. Enjoy the scenery. The traveling is the best part of the trip. The excitement, the anticipation, the unknown. Savor the stars above you, feel the breeze as you cruise. I like to imagine myself in my dad’s GTO, when it used to be lightning white. The echos of the radio bursting through the tin sounding speakers.

All Revved Up and Ready to Roll...

So, for those of you who think I have forgotten all about my blog, I reassure you I haven’t. I have just been riding down other streets, in other neighborhoods. I love writing and am so grateful for the chance I have gotten to meet people and see places I never dreamed I’d see.

And really my travels have only just begun, so keep following me (but don’t tailgate) and watch me take off.

In the Rearview:

  • I just passed (so watch for) my last articles for 20/20 magazine which will come out in the May issue, The STAYing Power of Lisa Loeb and her glasses and Inspiration of Gigantic Proportions.


Through my windshield now (currently working on):

That’s all I have to report for now. I will be sure to check back in with you later. If you can’t wait until then, feel free to keep tabs on me via Facebook and twitter.

Until, then, the checkered flag is waving….Watch Me Go!


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