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Updated my Portfolio of Articles…

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Hey all,

I just updated my portfolio here on the blog to include my september publications. Last month over on Review of Optometric Business, I spoke about how it is important for docs to keep their passion for science alive and their skills sharp by choosing continuing education courses that excite them.

I also wrote an article for Review of Optometry magazine on the first successful, functioning bionic eye implant performed by researchers in Australia.

And for those of you getting into the halloween spirit lately or for those of you who just enjoy a good scare, I wrote What was that! The Science of Fearful Eyes for Huffington Post Science. This was the first time I have ever blogged there but you can expect more Science Hidden in Plain Sight on Huffington Post Science again soon since I have been invited back.

I have also been brainstorming for my presentation on online science communication that I will be giving at Optometry’s virtual online conference, Seeing is Believing 2013. This is a conference for those in the eye care industry that is really cool, the first of its kind. You can hear lectures and see presentations online from great speakers all from the convenience of your own home. No traveling to and from, taking off of work, schlepping involved! The conference is January 30 and 31st, 2013 from 2:00-10:00 pm EST but the beauty of the conference is that the lectures can be accessed for up to 30 days after they air so you don’t have to sit there at those particular times and watch them, you can do so when it is convenient for you! Sweet! For those who do watch the lectures at their scheduled times, they will benefit from a live chat with the speaker at the end! I really like the idea of an online conference. I am a strong believer in networking online and have met some incredible scientists, doctors, editors and writers because of it. People I would have never “bumped” into on the street or may have been a little too shy to approach at a  gathering of 1000 people plus.

So, back to my presentation! I am really honored that they asked me to be a speaker!  I want my presentation to be really fresh and interesting. I am thinking about different formats aside from the normal powerpoint slide presentation and narration. Any ideas? It is pre-recorded which takes some of the pressure off and gives me the chance to possibly do some really extraordinary things that you might not be able to do or access in a live, in-person presentation. Any suggestions or thoughts just shoot them my way, please!

So, lots of excitement going on! Just wanted to update you all on what’s happening behind the scenes here at Science Hidden in Plain Sight! Don’t forget to keep in touch via facebook and twitter as well!


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