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Copying this Blog

If you find the information from this blog useful and you would like to copy it for your own personal or professional use, it is required that you contact the writer of this blog first, Dr. Cheryl G. Murphy. You can easily do this through the ‘Contact Me’ page of this blog.

I would then be happy to grant permission for my articles to be used by others on a case by case basis as long as I am cited as the original author wherever it is copied (be it websites, blogs, social media sites such as twitter and Facebook, pamphlets or any other form of distribution, hard copy or web-based.) The citation should be in 8 pt font or larger; a proper example would be: “Original article written by Dr. Cheryl G. Murphy.”

A link back to the original article is also recommended and very thoughtful though not required as long as the original author is clearly displayed as previously explained.

Thank you for reading this blog and liking its content! I am honored that others think of it so highly that they would like to quote from it as long as it is done in the right way, plagiarism is not ok.

Now let's get ready to learn something new!

Sincere Thanks,

Cheryl G. Murphy




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